Property Management

Property Management

Restenta provides management services for your residential and commercial property in Prague and Czech Republic. We have been working on the Czech market since 2011.

Real estate in Czech Republic is one of the most reasonable and promising investments. However, like any other asset that is supposed to generate profit, your Czech property needs competent management, which involves the need of knowledge of Czech legislation and your rights and obligation arising from your real estate ownership, as well as permanent control and maintenance of your property, and keeping it in operable condition.

Restenta will gladly take care of your Czech property without the need of your presence in Czech Republic, and ensure all necessary activities aimed at maximizing the efficiency and profitability of your property, with regards to its characteristics and your expectations from your investment property.

We offer management services for various property types

  • Houses, flats
  • Apartments
  • Hotels, pensions
  • Commercial property (offices, retail spaces, warehouses)
  • Recreational property
  • Other property

Depending on your property type and its specific features, we can propose several typical profitability strategies or tailor with you a special approach to maximize the income from your property. When defining the strategy, we consider a wide range of aspects including technical and legal specifics of your property, possible restrictions that might arise, market attractiveness of your real estate object, and other factors.

Our specific strategies are applicable to both residential and commercial property.

In most cases, profit of your property is ensured by long-term and short-term lease, which fits the majority of property types. However, for some special cases, for example, for hotels, pensions, recreational and commercial property, or when you have your own original and non-conventional vision of gaining income from your property, we will be glad to work with you on defining an individual strategy that would take into account both your expectations and your property specific features.

Our Property Management Services

  • Search for reliable tenants for long-term lease of your property.
  • Presentation of your property (photos, proper description).
  • Advertising your property on relevant online platforms and popular booking portals.
  • A full range of assistant services for your tenants moving in and out.
  • Ensuring ongoing maintenance and minor repairs of your property to keep it in proper operable state.
  • Cleaning services after a short-term lease.
  • Interaction with utility providers (ensuring timely bill payments, billing checks, passing the data from the measurement devices, etc.).
  • Timely control of rent payments. 
  • Preparing tenancy agreements and property hand-over protocols.
  • Assistance with furnishing your property to raise its market attractiveness.
  • Insurance of your property upon your request.
  • Managing legal questions related to your property.
  • Preparing accounting documents to keep record of gains and expenses related to your property.

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