About us

About Us

Restenta is your reliable partner for search, rent, lease, and management of your residentail and commercial property in Prague and Czech Republic.
We provide the full range of real estate services in Czech Republic. Your successful partnership with us roots in our individual approach to each customer, our thorough and consistent work with any request and any situation that our clients might come up with, and practical understanding of specifics of local business and social relationships, as well as knowledge of revelant Czech legislation.

All real estate services

in Prague and Czech Republic

Property Management

Restenta provides property management services in Czech Republic without the need of your presence and ensures the whole range of necessary activities aimed at maximizing the efficiency and profitability of your property, with regards to its characteristics and your expectations from your investment property.

Depending on the real estate type and specific features of your property we define with you the most optimal profitability strategy for your property and take care of all actions to implement this strategy, with respect to applicable laws, regulations and ethical principles.

Rental Services

We can help you in searching for residential and commercial property for short-term and long-term rent. Along with that, we provide other accompanying rental-related services.

Our rental services are aimed at wide range of customers, for example, private clients who are currently living, have just moved to, or plan to arrive in Czech Republic, or companies looking for commercial spaces, offices, or accommodation for their employees.

Other Real Estate Services

Property search for purchase, assistance in selling residential and commercial real estate, support and maintanence of your property, accounting support.

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